The Perfect Muffin
Posted on October 8th, 2011

For me dessert is all about engaging all 5 senses in one glorious experience. A simple muffin, even, should have the power to entangle my senses in a dance that makes me forget about the world around me, if only for a moment, to savor the deliciousness and tranquility of a fabulous breakfast (or dessert!).

A great muffin should look inviting, with great shape, even distribution of ingredients, and beautiful golden brown color. The aroma should fill the room with warm, buttery sweetness that reminds me of baking with my grandmother as a kid. As I take a bite of the top of the muffin I should hear the crunch of the sugar coated crust, and will feel the soft crumbly texture of a perfectly moist muffin. Finally, the flavor should be bold, but well balanced. It should taste wonderfully sweet with caramelized sugars and a warm dash of cinnamon with just a hint of vanilla. The flavors should melt in my mouth, encouraging me to close my eyes and savor every crumb.

Today I am making Caramel Apple muffins, with small pieces of fresh apples caramelized in a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, and melted butter, folded in to the muffin batter along with small chunks of caramel that will melt slightly as the muffin bakes to create little pockets of delicious buttery caramel all throughout my apple muffin. Absolutely Heavenly.

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