Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts
Posted on February 9th, 2012

Looking for a great, inexpensive gift for your sweetheart? We've come up with a few ideas for you:

10. Poetry, especially if written by you!

9. Flowers, but skip red roses. How overdone is that? Pick up her favorite flowers instead. Liles, daisies, or tulips still say you care without the cliche.

8. New pajamas.

7. A mix CD with all her favorite songs, or better yet- songs that remind her of you.

6. Your honey's favorite dessert. Whether it's chocolate cake, cheesecake, chocolate mousse, cookies, or almost anything else you can get it from Sweet Talkin' Treats! Contact us by Feb. 10th (that's tomorrow!) to guarantee Valentine's Day delivery!

5. Her favorite perfume.

4. Watching a romantic movie with your loved one. (ok, it's a "chick flick." We know you enjoy them too, don't lie)

3. A nice bottle of wine.

2. A home cooked meal (prepared by YOU) complete with clean-up, of course!

1. A box of truffles from SweetTalkin' Treats! Milk chocolate caramel, dark chocolate raspberry chambord, wild cherry, and Irish cream are the flavors we've been workng on. Delicious! Contact us today to place your order!

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