Pops for Pop! Order by Saturday, delivered on Father's Day!

Father's Day is just a couple of days away. It is an opportunity to tell your father what his love and support means to you. It's tough right? Our idea is to give him what he wants most from hs children:  Quality time! Time spent watching the game, golfing, fishing (cleaning the garage or the basement? mowing the lawn?) or maybe just hanging out enjoying a meal including a fun dessert! We recommend Cheese Cake Lollipops!
We can attach cards & deliver the pops (or cake, cupcakes etc.) if you live in Watertown, WI. But, if you are just looking for some help with what to write on a card or a note we can help you with that too. Here are sentimental thoughts...

Father's Day Sentiments

• Things I love about you Dad: You are wise & understanding, your love is enduring & generous, you are both tough & gentle.

• When I think of you Dad, I think of strength - the strength of a man who has always stood beside me and encouraged me to be my very best.

• This may not be Webster's definition of Dad, but it is mine: Understanding, hard working, caring, loving, honest, wise, dedicated, tough, smart, handsome & funny.

• When I think of you Dad I think of respect - the kind of respect that inspires others to do the next right thing.

• When I think of you Dad, I think of wisdom. Wisdom sometimes disguised as a joke, or a warning, or a flat out NO!

• It occurs to me now that maybe you commandeered the TV remote to keep your children safe, get them to play outside & use their imagination! (or maybe it was just to watch the game, but either way …thank you!)

• Dad, it's time you knew that I know " Drink your milk!", "Be home by 10!", "Be patient" and "You are not leaving the house looking like that!" meant "I Love you."
To order Cheese cake Pops for Your Pop contact Sweet Talkin' Treats! By phone at 920-342-3969 or e-mail at info@sweettalkintreats.com

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