Posted on May 30th, 2013

Graduation parties are your opportunity to take out all that embarrassing stuff you have been saving since your child’s pre-school days – it’s the reason you took the “First Day of School” pictures, saved their beautiful artwork, report cards and school projects. You are proud of their achievements, you remember the struggles, the laughs – sometimes at their expense mostly at yours, and this is where you cash in.
What makes the party a challenge is also what makes it the most fun! It is one of the most diverse parties you will ever host. Think about it, you invite your child’s friends, your friends, your work colleagues, extended families from BOTH sides; neighbors even come to this one!
You’ve been there, you know it’s true, people stay in their groups, eat the potato salad and ham sandwich, leave a card and go.  You spend your time re-filling said salad and telling your son or daughter to “Go say hello to…” and  “…is leaving, go say thank you for coming!”  Not as much fun as you thought, but it can be.
I would like to suggest some ways to engage people who don’t know each other, get your guests to go through all the embarrassing stuff that you have collected and carefully displayed, give your graduate an opportunity to feel the love, the pride and support from their personal community. And create special moments that will make you laugh for years to come.
Create the opportunity for your guests to create “captions” for photos! Provide sticky notes post by the collage, and instructions –
What happened just before this picture was taken?
What happened just after this picture was taken?
They say a picture is worth a thousand words pick three to describe this one!
What was (fill in Graduate’s name) thinking when this picture was taken? 
Have you seen the website  This will give you some ideas.
Themes for Graduation parties are generally chosen for you and make a nice “thread” to tie things together, school colors, profession, the college they plan to attend etc. But the fun starts when you take that theme and make it personal. 
  • Choose the Date  -Like any great party plan – start with the end in mind.
  • Make sure it doesn’t conflict with any other major events.
  • June is a big month for weddings
  • Is it okay if the party is on Father’s Day?
  • What about other graduates in the family have they scheduled parties yet?If possible, do not “bundle” your graduates party with other graduates (unless immediate family of course. If father & son graduate the same year it is completely appropriate to celebrate together!)
Most of all have fun, enjoy the opportunity to brag about your graduate, and let this be the opportunity for them to feel your pride.
Sweet Talkin’ Treats can help you with the centerpiece of the graduation celebration – dessert! Please call or stop by for a consultation! Bring pictures of cakes you like, and school mascots or other activities your graduate loves or what they plan to do after graduation and we can help you create a very special dessert – cake, cupcakes, cheese cakes or any combination that will match your theme and showcase your pride.

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