Meet Joe TODAY at the Watertown Library Farmer's Market
by Stephanie B on October 15th, 2015

​Who Are These People Anyway??
Have you met Joe? He is friendly, slightly politically charged, funny, and truly loves to be helpful. He’s quick with a joke and is well known in these parts for what I might call “holding court” at the Sweet Talkin’ Treats table at the Library Farmer’s Market Thursday afternoons and of course, at the bakery as well.
One of the things I admire about Joe is his ability to peruse the shelves at the plethora of thrift stores found here in Watertown and find real treasures. I love a good deal but Joe brings finding them to a whole new level that I cannot compete with, I don’t even try.
 “You can find the most amazing things at these places”. Joe touts, and I agree. One of my favorite things Joe has found was an automatic coffee maker that plugs into your car’s DC connector (a.k.a. cigarette lighter). This machine is genius. It has its own carrying case, which includes the brewer and four serving cups so everyone can enjoy a little caffeine jolt on those long drives back and forth to Minnesota to visit family. I am not sure if it has ever actually been used, I guess you’ll have to ask Joe about that. Tell him you saw a reference to it on the web site blog, he doesn’t believe anyone will read this.
Anyway, I generally look for cake serving plates and the like but I have found the occasional rare and interesting item. I am very proud of the Mrs. Tea I snagged at St. Vinny’s for the incredible price of $3. When it was introduced in 1995, it went for $49.95 (Google it, it’s true I swear) it had all its parts, no chips or physical bruises and yes, it works (I did have to scour the internet for the manual, but it was worth it).
This story is better though, it starts innocuously enough, Joe makes a stop at the Bethesda Thrift Store on a quest for a lamp, Important Back Story: Hannah and Joe have two small children Raymond is 3, Walter is 10 months, they also have a cat and… two broken lamps. No one is fessing up to the crime, not that it would matter really, it’s kinda the principle of the thing, but regardless of the cause, there needs to be light and thankfully they like “vintage décor” and given the current occupants of their home, that seems like a good idea.
So, Joe finds two suitable working lamps, steps to the counter to make his purchase and over hears a woman discussing a conundrum with regards to a desk she would like to purchase. The problem? She needs it delivered… “Do you live close?” he says, ”Yes!” the woman replies. “I have a little time and a van, I can help you out with that.” So he finishes his purchase, loads up the woman’s desk, which is heavier of course than it looks and well, the woman has medical issues that prohibit her from helping to carry said desk. Joe gets it in the van, and then follows the woman as she heads for home. Twenty long minutes later – which shows one persons “close” is another person’s “that’s a hike!” Joe is starting to wonder, “geeeze what have I gotten myself into this time… and I wish I had that mobile coffee maker with me…” when they finally reach the destination, Joe thinks his good deed is almost done. BUT, not so fast dough boy, (I say that cause he’s a baker) The woman goes into her house….about 10 minutes later she emerges to announce she needs Joe to remove the old desk, load that in his vehicle to bring it back to the Thrift store, then he can bring in the new one!
By this time as Joe is telling this story I am hysterical because if you knew Joe (and you really should stop by the bakery, get a “cup of joe” and get to know Joe) this stuff happens all the time…he has a million of these stories, find out how this story ends…it’s funny I promise…

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